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Through curated parenting news, books, seminars, online parenting classes and coaching.


From Super Parenting and curated info from around the web!

Parenting Articles

Curated parenting news and insights from around the web for parents of various ages and stages. 

Parenting Books

Books written by Dr. Jacki Scott and daughter Olympia Scott including Super Parenting: Raising the Next Generation.

Parenting Seminars

Live seminars provided online and in-person tailored especially for your group's needs.

Online Parenting Classes

Free and paid online classes provided by certified parenting instructor and expert Dr. Jacqueline Scott & Olympia Scott.

Parenting Coaching

One-on-one or group coaching available for parents or guardians of children of all ages. 


Super Parenting LLC. was created to provide quality, relevant, and well researched parenting education and information to parents around the globe. To aid parents in their efforts to reclaim their children from the world, and instill the discipline, morals and values necessary for them to become responsible adults that contribute to society in a positive manner. 

Parenting is a daunting task. A parent must protect, nurture, and guide an infant all the way into adulthood, on the ways of the world. How we are raised says a great deal about the adults that we are. Our entire lives are shaped in our childhood. This is an enormous responsibility that requires no certification, licensing, or permit. Continue reading


“Thank you for such a formal way to learn that is flexible and structured. I am glad you have a certificate available. God bless you and thanks again.”

"I loved this class it was a nice class that gets you ready for a full parenting class. In addition, it answers all your questions and gives you a great aspect of things you may encounter."

“Many thanks for coming on Sunday and offering this wonderful program for our brothers and sisters. I heard only positive comments with the importance of such a program stressed. Wonderful!"


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